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All the tips, tricks, and strategies needed. From how to open and structure a deal, to how you dress, attitude, building relationships, and why you’re in this industry, to begin with.

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Willy Escobar has been a Mortgage Loan Officer and Business Leader since 2002. He takes great pride in delivering on what he promises to his clients.

His greatest strengths are sharpening his mindset by thinking outside of the box and making transactions work that could not get done elsewhere. He is also very skilled at teaching those attributes to others willing to learn in a personal or team environment.

He is a happy family man and highly believes that work is not everything and that a healthy balance to life is very important which, as it turns out, highly benefits his clients. He loves to spend time with his family and when he is not doing that, he is consistently improving his systems so that his clients are able to have the ultimate lending and business building experience.


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